PO recyclate

What is it?

Recyclate is a product that is created during the recycling of waste. Gradual sorting of the collected plastics and their multi-stage reprocessing creates regranulate. PO recyclates are mainly made from raw materials from post-consumer waste (waste from yellow plastic containers).

What is it for?

Recycling is an activity that allows to efficiently use unnecessary plastic waste and create an input raw material for the production of new products. Recycling makes it possible not only to secure raw materials, but also to reduce production costs and the ecological burden on the environment by the waste produced. PO regranulates meet this 100%.

How does it look?

Recyclate as the final product of recycling occurs in the form of granules/lentils with a size of about 3-5 mm. The package is a big-bag or octabin. Due to the multiple washing of raw materials and the additive, the resulting PO regranulate usually does not smell significantly.

What are the individual types?

With a suitable combination of input raw materials, processing using the most modern technologies, including final homogenization in a volume of 24 t, excellent products are created from completely inferior raw materials. The use of PO regranulates is very wide. This is also evidenced by the spectrum of processing – PO regranulates can be used both for extrusion and for injection and blowing. The MFI spectrum in this case is 1-8 g / 2.16 kg / 230°C.

Contact our plastics consultant and let him know your requirements and we will offer you a suitable regranulate or a cheaper alternative – see our offer for PO regranulates. You can use PO regranulate in 100% or mix it with another input raw material. The result will be a product according to your ideas and a significant saving. By using this material you will also protect the environment.

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