Wax dispersions

What is it?

Wax dispersed in a liquid – water or solvent.

What is it for?

It is the right choice for all customers who prefer the simplicity of incorporating the wax into the liquid formulation. The wax can be dispersed in an aqueous or solvent medium, which greatly facilitates the incorporation of the wax into the final product.

How does it look?

As a coloured / turbid liquid.

How does it work?

The wax dispersed in the solution is always of the micronized type and can be of various essences: EBS, erucamide, stearamide, polyethylene, oxidized polyethylene, polyolefin, polarized polyolefin, EVA, Fischer-Tropsch, paraffin, polymer, montan, beeswax, carnauba or a combination of the above, the so-called blend.

The particle size of the wax contained in the wax dispersions ranges from 4 to 30 microns depending on the particular product. The share of dry matter is around 30% on average, but there are exceptions with both a lower share (10%) and a higher share (50%). The thermal resistance of waxes is directly dependent on the resistance of the wax present in the dispersion. In principle, the range is between 80 – 380 °C depending on the product.

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