Micronized waxes

What is it?

Wax that has been mechanically ground into particles a few micrometers in size. Micronized wax can be of various chemical forms: synthetic such as EBS, erucamide, stearamide (generally amide waxes), polyethylene, oxidized polyethylene, polyolefin, polarized polyolefin, EVA or Fischer-Tropsch waxes, but also natural waxes, such as montan, carnauba and beeswax.

What is it for?

Micronized waxes can be used in a wide range of industries, from industrial explosives to pharmacy. The possibility of using them depends only on your imagination.

How does it look?

Flour-like fine powder with a particle size of 4 to 80 microns.

How does it work?

CERETAN® – micronized waxes

CERETAN ® micronized waxes are predominantly produced using our highly advanced spraying technology leading to spherical particles. The spherical shape and the particles’ even surface help the dispersing process, reduce wax usage as well as dust formation. We guarantee D99 values to minimize oversized particles in your formulation.

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