Reference buildings

Selection of completed building, where we supplied products and raw materials distributed by us.

Asphalt coated mixtures

Building: roundabout Kežmarok – Pradiareň

Implementation January 2020
ACP type asphalt mixtures, ACL modified with Licomont BS 100.

Building: logistic parks Mstětice

Implementation 2017-2020
Asphalt mixtures of the ACO, ACL type, modified with Licomont BS 100, connecting roads and parking areas for trucks in logistics parks.

Building: I/9 Mělník – Vehlovice

Implementation 2019
ACO type asphalt mixtures, ACL modified with Licomont BS 100.

Building: D0, MÚK Třebonice and bridges of the D0 motorway

Implementation 2017-2018
Base layer VMT NT, ACL with NT additive, SMA with NT additive, NT additive = Licomont BS 100 – used as a low temperature additive.

Building: I/3 ČB crossroad Pražská-Okružní

Implementation October 2014
VMT + Licomont BS 100

Building: I/24 Majdalena – Cejp

Implementation August 22, 2015
VMT + Licomont BS 100

Motorway D11 and D8 section Trmice-state border

Implementation 2006
VMT mixtures modified with Licomont BS 100

Cast asphalts modified with Licomont BS 100

Praterbruecke, Vienna, Austria

MA 11 PmB 25/55-65 M1 G4 TA + MA 8 PmB 25/55-65 M1 GS TA. Teerag Asdag Porr/Asfinag

Motorway D1 Šternov

Implementation October 2013
MA11IV, PMB 10/40-65, 560t

Nuselský bridge

Implementation June 2014
MA11IV, PMB 10/40-65, 704t

Motorway D11 – Opatovice bridge

Implementation July – November 2015
MA11IV, PMB 10/40-65, 1.586t

Expressway R7

Implementation July 2013
MA11IV, PMB 10/40-65, 453t, SKANSKAKA

Tram tracks in Prague

Implementation 2013 – 2015

Video from the implementations

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