What is it?

Modification additive based on FT wax.

What is it for?

Modification of cast asphalts, reduction of their viscosity, improvement of processability and achievement of the required hardness number, modification of asphalt mixtures in order to improve their processability and improvement of road stiffness.

How does it look?

Fine granulate, packed in a 20 kg bag / 750 kg pallet or a 700 kg big-bag.

How does it work?

Designed to reduce temperature and viscosity when mixing and laying cast asphalts and compacted asphalt mixtures. Reducing operating temperatures saves energy and reduces emissions of CO2 and other unwanted and hazardous substances. When using this additive, the temperature of the cast asphalt can be reduced to the lower limit of 200 °C (ČSN 73 6122) while increasing the hardness number of the cast asphalt.

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