Licomont® BS 100

What is it?

Modification additive based on amide wax.

What is it for?

It is used for modifying asphalt mixtures of the SMA, ACO, ACL, ACP, BBTM, PA type in all used grain sizes. Mixtures modified with Licomont BS 100 meet the parameters for VMT type mixtures.

How does it look?

Granulate with a grain size of approx. 3 mm, packed in bags or a big-bag, easy dosing into the mixing equipment of the packaging plant via the weight of the ingredients.

How does it work?

Modification with Licomont BS 100 reduces the viscosity of the asphalt mixture, does not worsen the breaking point, increases the softening point and the adhesion of the binder to the aggregate.

Excellent resistance of asphalt layers to the formation of permanent deformations at high temperatures and during slow and stopping traffic. Very good properties at low temperatures, reduced formation of frost, contraction, fatigue cracks and increased resistance to fatigue.

The use of Licomont BS 100 to modify the asphalt mixture causes a significant improvement in compactibility, the possibility of a shorter processing cycle on the construction site. In the cold spring-autumn period, mixtures produced with Licomont at a temperature of 170-180 °C can be used thanks to the extended compactibility time even under limit conditions. The use of the additive widens the delivery distance of the asphalt mixture. By adding Licomont BS 100, low-temperature asphalt mixtures can be produced.

It can be used in combination with all asphalts used to make the mentioned mixtures.

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