What is it?

Aqueous high-dry-weight cationic butadiene-styrene dispersion.

What is it for?

Laitex B – 733 is specially designed for the modification of road cationic asphalt emulsions.

How does it look?

Aqueous dispersion, supplied in barrels of 20 litres or IBC of 1,000 litres.

How does it work?

Modification of Laitex B – 733 dispersions increases the resistance and service life of the road asphalt layer, the addition of Laitex B – 733 to cationic asphalt emulsions achieves higher elasticity, lower sensitivity to high or low temperatures, better cohesion between layers, reduction of aggregate loss, increased water resistance, increased softening point, reduced penetration. The dosage is 2-5% of dry matter of Laitex B-733 dispersion from asphalt binder.

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