Deurex X

The products of the company Deurex, labelled Deurex X, are waxes made from sugar cane. That is obtained through the help of the fumes from the flesh of the cane plant. The manufacturing of this wax is fully ecological and therefore the wax is eco-friendly. The wax from sugar cane is suitable especially for the … Continue reading Deurex X

The possibilities of use

Here you can find the division of waxes based on the recommendations for the individual classical projects. After further consultation we can recommend other waxes for your specific projects which would be more suitable and would provide the desired effect. For more details about the possibilities of use, please don´t hasitate to contact us.

Fischer-Tropsch wax

The newest product in our portfolio is the wax DEUREX T 39 by the German company DEUREX, which is manufactured via the so-called Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. It is a catalysed chemical reaction which produces liquid carbohydrates. The wax Deurex T 39 can be efficiently used for the production of hotmelts, PVC or as an ingredient for … Continue reading Fischer-Tropsch wax

Synthetic and natural waxes

We offer polyethylene nonpolar waxes, polar oxidized polyethylene waxes, polyvinyl ether waxes and waxes based on ethylene copolymers and vinyl acetate by the company DEUREX AG (SRN). The company also produces natural waxes from sugar cane, which fully substitute montane wax Romonta – waxes of the range DEUREX X. The company also provides emulsifiers DEUREX … Continue reading Synthetic and natural waxes

Wax dispersions and emulsions

We offer dispersions and emulsions of the synthetic and natural waxes under the business trademark Ceretanod by the company Münzing Micro Technologies GmbH (SRN) and by the company DEUREX (SRN). They are used extensively, for example in the manufacturing of furniture polishes or chassis polishes, auto-emulsions or even in roofing. They may also be used … Continue reading Wax dispersions and emulsions

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