PP in the form of granulate, re-granulate, agglomerate or gridt. They are available in a wide spectrum of MFP, from 0,5 up to 40g/1900°C, 2,16kg. We offer the following: copopolymer homopolymer For more datails about the product, please don´t hasitate to contact us.


We offer LDPE in the form of granulate and re-granulate in a few qualitative variants: economic – suitable for standard injection and extrusion – suitable for blown films of the top quality – suitable for all kinds of manufacturing, MFI up to 1g/2, 16kg, translucent and black shade. The material differs from the others by … Continue reading LDPE – LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE


HDPE in the form of granulate, re-granulate or agglomerate are widely appreciated for their character: non-oxidizing qualities, nontoxic to a certain extent, chemical stability etc. HDPE is widely used especially for the manufacturing of anti-bumping sachets, plastic PET bottle caps, nursing bottles, water pipes, gas distribution, chemically resistant pipes, fuel tanks, detergent covers, isolating tapes, … Continue reading HDPE – HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE

Purchase and sale of plastics

We represent leading manufacturers and suppliers of granulate (primer, off-grade) and re-granulate from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. We offer the following materials: HDPE LDPE PP PVC PA According to the customer’s wishes, we also offer the transport of the purchased material. For more information, please donˇt hasitate to contact us.

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