We offer kaolines by the famous manufacturer BASF (SRN). Kaolines are usable for the manufacturing of colours of all kinds, including woodstains, plastic production, paints for DIY, inks and coating for auto-motive

Talc filler

We offer the product Blancatalc by the German manufacturer C. H. Erbslöh. The product belongs to common types of talc, however, it is recognizable by high level of whiteness. Similarly to other products offered by our company, we can provide all necessary technical support.


Additives for coatings are mostly delivered by the business company C. H. ERBSLÖH (SRN). They offer their own production (defoamers and reologic additives) and they are also distributors of the manufacturing company HALOX (USA), which also provides tannin blockers as well. Other products from the distribution of C. H. ERBSLÖH (SRN) are for example organotitanates … Continue reading Aditives

Corrosion inhibitors

We offer a wide range of corrosion inhibitors used for coating industry and suitable for the temporary inhibition of corrosion. The high-quality assortment is provided by the companies HALOX (USA) and C. H. ERBSLÖH (SRN). Apart from HALOX products we also offer indicative recipes for coatings. More about the individual products is to be found … Continue reading Corrosion inhibitors

Fluorescent pigments

We offer fluorescent pigments by the company UKSEUNG (Korean Republic), the biggest producer of pigments in the Korean Republic. Bigger part of their production is transferred to the USA and Europe, which guarantees quality – that is provided by REACH registration and the fulfilment of all other legislative directives for the use in the EU. … Continue reading Fluorescent pigments

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