The additive is meant for the modification of mastic asphalt, it is a substitution for the product SASOBIT.


Currently the waxes DEUREX T 39, DEUREX E 11, DEUREX BIT and DEUREX A 20 are being tested in binders and asphalt compacted mixtures.


RESTAPLAST is a specific type of bitumen designed for high trafic roads, bus stations, roundabouts etc. We provide input ingredients for the manufacturing of these asphalt mixtures, especially polypropylene granulate and hydrocarbon epoxy UNILENE A 100.


The stabilization additive DOLANIT ®AS consists of acryl fibres of the precisely defined length and weight, functioning as a carrier binder in the asphalt mixture. It is produced by the company DOLAN, the member of the concern Lenzing Fibres (SRN). It is suitable for extra load roads, crossroads and high tension surfaces. It can be … Continue reading THE STABILIZATION BITUMEN ADDITIVE DOLANIT ®AS

Licomont BS 100

Asphalt modification Licomont BS 100  is fatty acid amides (EBS) wax from manufacturer Clariant SE Frankfurt On The Main. The product reduces the viscosity of molten asphalt and thus allows to reduce the temperature during application, improving workability, increases adhesion to aggregate, increases stability at high temperatures without reducing the resistance to low temperatures.

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