Additives for coatings are mostly delivered by the business company C. H. ERBSLÖH (SRN). They offer their own production (defoamers and reologic additives) and they are also distributors of the manufacturing company HALOX (USA), which also provides tannin blockers as well.

Other products from the distribution of C. H. ERBSLÖH (SRN) are for example organotitanates and organozirconates: these organometallic compounds of titan or zircon has significantly wide use and many of them were previously used in coatings especially as additives; however, the compound polybutyltitanate can be used as a binder for temperature-resistant coatings (similar to silicones with regard to their resistance, but without their negative contamination qualities).

The products are manufactured by the company BORICA (Taiwan)

We offer products designed for the building chemistry by the company INCOREZ (UK).

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