About us

Our Czech family company was founded in 1995. The company activities focus mostly on trade, the representation of the leading European and world manufacturers, technical support and tailor-made delivery according to the customers’ wishes.


The fields of activity:

  • Modifier bitumen additives – waxes and fibres, designed for the modification of asphalt mixtures
  • Pigments and other additives – ingredients for the manufacturers of coatings, plastics, rubber and ceramic industry
  • Waxes – ingredients for the manufacturing of medicines, plastics, coatings, foundry industry and food industry
  • Plastic grits and re-granulates – input ingredients for the manufacturers of pipes, cover panels, foils, profiles etc.; wide use, good quality

The company has 6 permanent employees and 4 co-workers with the profiles of external consultants. The seat of the company is in Prague (Praha 10, Vinohrady, Korunní 810/104) and Jičín (Jungmannova 1103).


The overall turnover of the company for the year 2015: 34 900 000 CZK.


The development of the company: Timeline

2016: you can find us now on sotial networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

2015: the turnover of the company exceeded 34 900 000 CZK for the first time; the CRM system was installed

2014: the acquisition of the ISO certificate, the team expansion – Bc. Josef Král, Jr.

2013: the team expansion – Ing. Štěpánka Grohová

2012: the initiation of the cooperation with the company Münzing Micro Technologies

2011: the team expansion: Ivana Cermanová

2010: the initiation of the cooperation with the company UK SEUNG (South Korea) and Naerlocher (Germany)

2009: the initiation of the cooperation with the company Deurex, C. H. Erbslöh (Germany) and INCOREZ (Great Britain), which meant significant broadening of our portfolio

2006: the initiation of the cooperation with the company Clariant

1998: the launching of the modification additive Licomont BS 100

1995: the foundation of the company

(asi to jenom nechápu z laického pohledu, ale proč je tady z těch produktů uvedený jen Licomont BS 100 a ne I třeba nějaké další důležité? takhle to troche vypadá jako kdybyste za celou tu dobu měli jenom jeden produkt J)


Our values:

In business and also in our relationship to our company we mostly emphasize the traditional, family values, reliability and the satisfaction of our customers and business partners. We employ seniors as well as young people with a great potential for development and willingness to work.

We are aware of our social responsibilities, therefore we are developing own charity projects in the fields of child care and animal welfare.


Our philosophy:

Our goal is to constantly improve our services, to deepen our technical knowledge and to create interesting opportunities for our current and future business partners and cooperates.


We believe that family companies have their particular space on the market, and we believe in our future.

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